Clients are welcome to email us attaching the image/design as well as the dimensions and wood type required.  

We specialize in the manufacturing of contemporary solid wood furniture and design furniture pieces for individual customers and decorators. Our high-end store and woodworking factory is located in the east of Pretoria.

We are well known for our outstanding handicraft. Our carpenters have been trained in Holland in the tradition of the Dutch master carpenters. The finest details are evident in our custom-designed furniture, which demonstrate our exceptional skill in the art of working with solid wood. We are well known for creating future heirlooms of great beauty, singular elegance and lasting quality.

Wood types & exclusions

Wood types available: all brown teak and oak. No steel support structures. No fitted or installed joinery or cabinetry. 

Pricing and deposit payments

Once we have the information on your needs we will do an estimate and quote you a price for the design. Our pricing will include VAT and delivery. Quotes are valid for 14 days only. Any changes to details given and described could affect pricing.Changes may be made at any time during the quotation process. Once quotes are accepted, a deposit payment of 50% is required.

Lead times

Manufacturing will be scheduled once written approval of drawings has been received. Please note that lead times quoted during design will be confirmed by us once production is scheduled.

Final payment & delivery

Your goods will be scheduled for delivery with our regular scheduling. Full payment of the outstanding balance is due prior to delivery.You are welcome to request photographs of items prior to delivery to ensure compliance with your requirements.


Although custom made and bespoke items may not be returned for credit, they do carry our full standard warranty in terms of material and workmanship.

Contact us

You are welcome to call us on 072 627 3575 with queries.






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